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Title: Between Dreams
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: PG-13
Summary: During his escape from Asgard, Loki takes a peek inside his brother's head.

Nicevenn's Notes: This one's my gift from [ profile] avengersfest, and I adore it. Full of beautiful imagery and angsty brother feels. My heart aches for Thor in this. Please give it a read and leave the amazingly talented anon-author some well-deserved love.

Just as Loki started wondering if he was going to see a truly pornographic show, the world around them began to change. The sun lost its heat and the sky went the dark grey of storm clouds. The colors of the orchard turned similarly grey before the trees disappeared entirely. The smells of grass and flowers faded along with the plants themselves, and before Loki understood what was happening, he was standing in a featureless void without even the false versions of himself and his brother to keep him company.
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Title: Victims of Ourselves
Author: Batsutousai
Pairing: Loki/Tom Hiddleston
Rating: M
Word count: 27,550
Warnings: Rape, eventual consensual relationship between rapist and victim, off-screen murder and rape
Summary: When Loki fell from the Bifröst, it wasn't to Thanos and the Chitauri that he came, but to an alternate Midgard. Hurt, confused, and more than a little insane from his fall through the Void, he lashes out against those he believes lesser to himself.

Nicevenn's Notes: Simply the best fic I've read in a long time. Yes, it starts out pretty dark. Yes, it has an unrealistically fluffy ending (which is the reason I love it). Yes, the author uses the terms "anus" and "penis" (makes me feel like I'm in sex-ed all over again). But oh, how I enjoyed every word of it and wished for infinite words!

That night, Tom had his first nightmare in almost two months, but it wasn't the same as in the past. Instead of being held against a wall, fingers wrapped around his throat and wrists, he was watching Loki walk away. He shouted for the god to stop, to come back, but Loki didn't seem to hear him, just kept on. And when Tom tried to run after him, the distance stretched and stretched until Loki was nothing more than a prick of green and black so far out of his reach that Tom could never hope to reach him.

He woke, gasping through tears, and covered his eyes. "Loki," he whispered. "Loki, please."

A hand touched his hair, a gentle touch that seemed rather like it would soothe him back to sleep, like magic. Tom blinked sleepily up at the dark form above him and it took him a moment to recognise the face and connect why it was important he wake up.

But remember he did and he grabbed for the hand in his hair. "Loki," he breathed and held on tight when the god tried to jerk his hand from Tom's grip.

"Let me go, you insufferable–"

"You're okay," Tom said and Loki fell silent. Tom pressed the god's hand against his cheek. "You're okay," he whispered again.

Loki settled uncertainly on the edge of the bed. "I am a god," he returned, but there was none of the usual bite in his words and his thumb brushed lightly against the line of liquid under Tom's eye, wiping it away.
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Title: Spoils of War
Author: Fickle_Obsessions
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: M
Word count: 16,397
Warnings: Dub-con, rough sex, master/slave
Summary: A Jotunheim born-and-raised Loki becomes Thor's prize after a war with the frost giants. Thor is thoroughly smitten, which unfortunately means he's not too keen to take the slow route. No, the path Thor take has a lot more hair pulling and it's Loki doing the pulling.

Nicevenn's Notes: Really hot, with a resigned-but-agressive Loki and determined, possessive, and completely smitten Thor.

"This?" Loki asks in outrage. "You think it your awkward fumbling that offends me? It's your stupidity I find so offensive. You could choose any of your own maidens and have them come willingly. Despite all attempts to appear good and proper before the other realms I know that Asgard has its own courtesans. All manner of women you could easily fuck till exhausted, and yet you mistake for a lover someone who will never submit and prays every moment for your death. Do you season your food with poison? Keep bilgesnipe as pets?"

"It's not I who insisted on your slavery," Thor points out. Thor withdraws his finger and presses in again; it slides home far easier than before. "I did not know of you until my father insisted Laufey give you as tribute. I only claimed you as my own once you were given."

"And what a prize you have," Loki sneers. "A hateful toy that will not play nicely with you. Your father would have made me a weapon."
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Title: Silver tongue, golden hands
Author: MissNefer
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: M
Word count: 6.248
Summary: “Yes, of course. And in order for massage to be really successful, one must be relaxed as a whole, body and mind. The scents of the oils have a crucial role in that,” lectured Loki, but finally turned to Thor and climbed on the bed, kneeling close.

Based on a norsekink prompt: Loki is giving Thor a massage with ulterior motives. Thor can't help but being turned on and feeling awfully guilty about it.

Nicevenn's Notes: Lots of UST as well as perceived unrequited feelings. Also, some hot hands-on action. What's not to love? (There are a few spelling issues early on, but don't let them make you hit the back button. It's a great fic.)

In between forced breaths, in a sudden moment of clarity, Thor realized that Loki's fingers were brushing just millimetres away from his balls. The towel was out of the way and while it was still covering most of his ass, quite some parts of him were exposed too.

He was used to men seeing him naked, of course. Only not like this, so closely, so intimately, with his legs spread open. While touching him. Not to mention that this was Loki. His brother.

Meanwhile, seemingly not at all nonplussed, Loki continued his massage. His technique was different now, the legs needing other sort of attention than the back. The pressure was more even, movements smoother.

Again and again Loki finished his strokes by bumping into Thor's butt, fingers sliding between his legs and after a while, it became too much. To his unending horror, Thor was growing aroused.

Title: To Decide Against (Your Convictions)
Author: cagedbirdsings
Rating: PG
Warnings: vague hints of torture, mentions of gore
Word count: 6,223
Summary: Loki gets flogged, but not in the fun way, the Avengers think maybe a spanking is a little too lenient then they don't, Thor has a breakdown and Frigga is secretly a bad ass. More serious than it sounds.

Nicevenn's Notes: I admit that I had this fic opened on my phone for a few days before I actually gave in and read it. It's a bit gory, and considering the rating there was no promise of hot sex to make up for the torture. But I'm glad I read it because it's simply one of the most touching fics I've ever read. Thor and Loki's love for each other just oozes out of the screen. I kid you not!

Tis not so bad, brother. It merely stings,” Thor rasps. Sweat has started pouring down his head, into his eyes and he is grateful for such a distraction; both from the whip and from the tears Loki cannot control. He never wanted to be the cause of Loki’s distress again, but he supposes, in the current circumstance, it cannot be helped.

“Not so bad?! NOT SO BAD?! You giant oaf, you utter fool, you incredible imbecile! I am determined to hate you forever, you-you…”

Thor allows Loki to wind down, does not interrupt. He wonders vaguely what other words Loki can use in place of those three that mean exactly the same thing. Perhaps he should invest in a Midgardian dictionary. He will need to with an eternity of his brother screeching at him like a fishwife.

He is caught off guard by Loki’s lips slamming onto his, uncomfortably hard and trembling ever so slightly. He kisses back anyway.
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In His Cups
Author: Kay (sincere)
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: M
Word count: 2,594
Warning: consent issues, drunk sex
Summary: Everyone knows that a drunken Thor is a handsy Thor. There are no personal space or privacy issues for him. And his friends are sick of it, so they make Loki take him to bed. But a drunk Thor is not a picky Thor, either...

Nicevenn's Notes: Obviously i have a bit of a dub-con kink, and there is no shortage of fic to sate that appetite in this fandom. This one is super hot and ends on a pretty light note.

"Brother!" Thor exclaimed delightedly, and lurched to his feet in one swift motion, almost unbalancing Loki with the suddenness. "Let us sing together! I am celebrating!"

He rolled his eyes, steering Thor away from the table. "And what are you celebrating?"

That puzzled Thor for a brief while. He was still capable of standing (which was good, because he was very heavy) and he walked mostly under his own power, following Loki's insistent guidance unthinkingly and only occasionally faltering or wobbling in his gait.

"Your return!" Thor cried finally, happy. "You have been away for half the evening."

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Title:Random Tomki art
Rating: PG

Nicevenn's Notes: Although this links directly to the art, I can't figure out who posted it to credit the artist. Yeah, I'm that Internet-savvy. Anyway, I love how the author captured Loki's evil mischief in this.

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Title: Wartrophy!Loki
Rating: R
Warning: Possible consent issues...

Nicevenn's Notes: So much beautiful detail. I love the candles!

*The rec key explaining the symbols I use can be found here
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