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Guys, guys, look at the veins on those forearms! I just... I can't even...

Can I be the girl in this picture? )

Short glory post is short because I found that picture and am now in dire need of a cold shower.

Also, the next batch will be up tomorrow because #11 is even hotter than this guy and if I looked at him right now I might combust...
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Alright, it's time to vote for your favorite rock star. As always the poll will remain open for 48 hours and the winner will get a glorious victory post.

[Poll #1836069]
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I actually don't find this one physically attractive. He looks to me like he could be the love child of Jesus and my uncle. But his voice is to die for and, having been to a Nickelback concert, I can tell you that the guy is hilarious and somehow just oozes sex appeal. Or maybe that's just a psychological thing because I know he wrote "Something in Your Mouth" which is, like, the sexiest song ever. (In case you can't tell, I'm not a feminist.)

Here, see for yourself:

Oh, what the hell. Here are a few pictures, too.

I find he looks more tolerable in black and white... )

Is it just me, or did I manage to insult Chad, Jesus, my uncle, and feminists in this one post? D:D:D:
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This week we're doing rock stars. I thought I'd start off by introducing you to someone not-so-well-known around these parts.

Meet Rammstein's Guitarist )

I'm actually kind of distraught that so far I haven't posted anyone younger than me. But I have a remedy for that: I'm adding a "pretty young things" category. :D If you'd like to suggest your own category, you can do so here.


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