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Sometimes I feel like my parrots are making fun of me.

Earlier today:

Coco: How do birds sing, Draco?


Coco: BIRDS!

Draco: *imitates the birds outside*

Coco: Veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy goooooooooooood!!!

Draco: Hahaha!

I do praise them with enthusiasm, because that's what encourages them to perform tricks, but I don't sound quite like that!

Also: I am not going to sign up for emofest, I am not going to sign up for emofest, I am not going to sign up for emofest...

Wonder how much longer I can resist...
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Coco is convinced that she is an apple. A few days ago, she said, "I can be an apple." I didn't teach her that, so I don't know how she came up with it. Since then, she's been saying things like "apple want some water" and "apple want a nut."

Crazy parrots.
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Me: I can count: 1,2,3,4,5.

Coco: I can-- 4,2,4.

Draco: I c-- 4.

Can someone tell me what's so special about four?


10100 / 50000 words. 20% done!


Nov. 9th, 2008 01:45 pm
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This is Coco doing her daily acrobatic routine. I can never get the best tricks on video because they're camera shy, but this one's pretty cool.

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I hope I'll never forget just how soft his coat felt and how fluffy he was. Or how he smelled. He didn't smell bad, like some older dogs, just like an old, dusty fur coat from the thrift store. I don't wear those, but my grandma has a collection. I think I might save one for myself now.

Parrot Talk

Oct. 7th, 2008 04:49 pm
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Lately, Coco has been combining various words and phrases she knows to create her own amusing sentences.
Here's a bit of a conversation I had with her this morning.

Coco: Can I have a boy?

Me: No, you already have Draco. I'm not getting you another boy-- they're expensive.

Coco: Draco girl.

LOL. I haven't had them sexed so she could be right.
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Coco and Draco were very talkative this morning, so I grabbed my camera hoping to make a good video. I pressed the record button, and Coco said, "Hello, what's up?" Then she turned to Draco and said, "Can I have a kiss?" She made a kissing sound, then said, "I love you." And then I realized I hadn't pressed the button hard enough and didn't record anything :(


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