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Here are a couple of new fics I loved. I have a longer list of recs from past rounds of [ profile] norsekink, but I can't find them now because Delicious isn't working. I'll have them up soon, though.

The rec key explaining the symbols I use can be found here

Title: It Was Always You
Author: [ profile] morrisseyislove
Rating: Author gives it a PG; I would give it a PG-13
Warnings: Psuedo-incest, slight spoilers for Thor and The Avengers
Word Count: 1353
Summary: prompt from [ profile] norsekink In Asgard, every child possess magic, but they lose it with their first true love. That's why magic users are so ill-regarded: they are considered unloving, selfish people, to put their own power above things like friendship or love. Jotunn magic doesn't work in the same way. Thor lost his magic early on because he has loved Loki for many years, but Loki, even as he professes to loving him right back, can still use his magic. Cue broken heart(s), anger, mistrust and much self-doubt on Loki's part.

Reccer's Notes: This is a great prompt, and I love what the author did with it. The delicious sweetness with (s)he describes young Loki and Thor discovering love and sex is amazing. The fic also manages to be really hot, despite the low rating, and it has the kind of ending I think most Thorki fangirls long for but know is impossible in movie canon.
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Title: Res Judicata
Author: [ profile] dreamlittleyo
Rating/Pairing/Wordcount: NC-17, Thor/Loki, 6760 words
Warnings: dubcon, light bondage, themes of masochism/sadism, rough sex, rape fantasy, sibling incest
Summary: In which Thor doesn't want to hurt Loki. Except when he really, really does.

Reccer's Notes:This fic is just what I needed after The Avengers. In fact, I think it should be turned into a sequel. Don't let the warnings scare you away from this brilliantly written, sexy fic. Loki doesn't get anything he didn't beg for.
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[ profile] nursedarry, who claimed to have read my Dan/Tom RPS through her fingers, has written her own D/T fic. And it's HAWT! And funny. Run, don't walk over to her journal and give her some love. Rewrites
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Everyone, stop what you're doing and go read [ profile] abusing_sarcasm's In for a Knut, in for a Galleon right now. I'm Sirius! I only had time to read a bit of it before class, and then I was speeding like crazy on the way home so I could finish. The story features prankster!Harry and is guaranteed to make you laugh.
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First of all, my gift at [ profile] hp_spring_fling has posted. It's AS/S and quite amusing-- and hot, too! Imperfect Magic. Featuring a silly Scorpius who is insecure about his prick.

Although I've pimped this before, now that reveals have been posted at [ profile] hp_springsmut, I'm doing it again. [ profile] marguerite_26 wrote Anything for Him (Draco/Scorpius) for me. I can't say enough good things about this fic. It's so angsty and the writing is beautiful.

[ profile] autumn_veela read my springsmut fic, "Playing Auror" yesterday, and apparently it gave her naughty ideas. Professor is a short Scorpius/Neville (Squee!) fic that'll turn your brain to goo.

How's Team EWE doing, you ask? We had two more wonderful entries posted recently. [ profile] tmkline's Harry Learns a Lesson is made of fluffy WIN and will make your heart flutter.

[ profile] eloriee's art is more on the angsty side, but it's so beautiful it'll take your breath away. Your life will be incomplete if you don't have a look at it. I mean it.

Don't forget to comment, and VOTE TEAM EWE!!!

Ok, I'm done now.

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Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:07 pm
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I've been searching for werewolf!Draco fics these past few days, ever since I read (yes, I'm so dull I never actually noticed it myself) that there are hints present in HBP that suggest Draco might be a werewolf. While I'm not sure that's what JKR was going for, I found the idea intriguing. Anyway, I discovered this gem of a story in the process. Draco is not a werewolf in it, but it's a very touching fic with a creative, well-crafted plot. The warnings make it sound like an extremely kinky, sadistic story, but it's not all that bad and it's quite deep.

So have any of you read a good werewolf!Draco fic you can recommend?

In Wolf's Clothing
Author: [ profile] violet_quill
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Teddy/Draco, implied Harry/Draco and Fenrir/Draco, as well as: (Highlight for spoiler:
Warnings: prostitution, orgasm denial, wanking, consensual D/s, whipping, light bondage, dubious consent, implied (past) non-con, implied incestuous themes, implied underage sex
Summary: Teddy would do anything to help his makeshift family, including going undercover at a werewolf brothel to solve a very personal crime.
Word Count: 9300


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