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This is the first in my "pretty young things" category. He barely qualifies as a young thing, but I've been dying to include him on here and he's younger than I am, so there.

Heaven this way )

My favorite thing about this one? He's hotter for Tom Hiddleston than I am.

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After years of being part of a fandom as social as Harry/Draco, I'm longing for a bit more interaction with fellow Thorki fangirls. Maybe it's because I'm a relative newbie, but it seems like all the action is happening at [ profile] norsekink, where a lot of the posting is anonymous. So, let's make some friends so we can squee together, yes?

Just fill out the box below and paste it as a comment:

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1. Harry and Draco shagging under my Christmas tree
2. Loki and Thor shagging ME under my Christmas tree
3. $1,000,000,000
4. A bottle of good-quality absinthe
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Title: Use Me
Author: [ profile] nicevenn
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Wordcout: 600
Warning: Come play.
Summary: Loki spurs Thor on. Sequel to Come on Me
A/N: Written for this prompt
at [ profile] norsekink: Loki has a come fetish.

Use Me )
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Right, [ profile] nursedarry forbade me to post any more of our fic today. So, not knowing what to do with my obsessed!newfandom!fingers, I thought I'd make this here post.

Warning: This post is graphics intensive.

11 Reasons to ship Thorki )


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